About us

EA Group is a trading house that facilitates transactions of goods for companies in the region of East Africa. As a trading house we are both exporters, importers and also a trader that purchases and sells products for other businesses. Operations are in a wide range of sectors such as Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), apparel and automotive. The export operation is mainly focused around local agricultural commodities such as coffee beans and honey.

Coffee beans

Another aspect of our business is to collaborate and introduce international brands to the East African market, either as a wholesaler or through direct sale in our own stores.

We add value to our customers in terms of expertise and insight in the respective markets we operate in. With Economies of Scale we are able to use our significant buying power to find solutions that are attractive to all parties involved. Our extensive network and experience helps us reduce transportation costs and risk throughout the whole value chain.


EA Group AS

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